How It Works
        Pre-registration is required (no drop-ins allowed). Send in the registration form and a check payable to Moon Festival. We are limited to 135 people (25 kids), so send in your registration early. If we are full, we will call you and offer you a place on the waiting list. You will NOT be notified if you are accepted (unless you either send a stamped self-addressed envelope with your registration, or request an e-mail response). We may attempt to gender balance. There is a $20 cancellation fee until May 12th. Afterward there will be no refunds. Registration is not transferable. If a problem arises, call the registrar, Chuck Palmer.
        Upon arrival, check in which starts at 5:00, pick up your button, sign up for a chore & pick up your pre-ordered T-Shirt from Ken Horwege.


        If you choose to bring your children to the Moon Festival, you must either sign them up for the Kid's Co-op, or else be responsible for supervising them at all times.
        The Kid's Co-op (for 4-15 year old) is run by the parents and an organizing committee. During adult workshops and evening dances (until 10 pm), children's activities will be provided. Parents are required to lead 1 one-hour kid's workshop or activity in addition to their regular assigned chore.
        Kids 12-15 are required to lead 1 one-hour kid's workshop with their parent, or be assigned to help with another parent’s workshop. A detailed follow-up letter will be sent to all parents.
What To Bring
Musical instruments, songs, laughter, dancing shoes, flashlight, sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, favorite coffee mug, warm clothes, towel, and the kids.
Colorado Mountain Ranch policy is:

Colorado Mountain Ranch is west of Gold Hill.
Get internet directions to Broadway St & Canyon Blvd
        Boulder CO.
Go west on Canyon Blvd (toward the mountains) one
        light to 9th Street. Turn right.
Go up 9th St to top of the hill. This is Mapleton Ave.
        Turn left onto Mapleton Ave.
Take Mapleton west out of Boulder 10 2/3 miles.
        About 6 miles paved and 4 miles dirt road.
Go through the town of Gold Hill.
When Main St turns right, turn left.
        Continue 1/3 mile out of Gold Hill.
        The ranch is on the left.
        Friday night is a potluck that begins at 6:00 pm. Bring enough food for 6-8 people. We provide the drinks and tableware. Be sure to put your name on your containers and remember to pick them up after dinner. Or bring containers that you can abandon, to be reused for the food sale on Sunday.
        The rest of the meals are cooked cooperatively. The menus include special needs foods. For early risers, a variety of breakfast items (granola, cold cereal, milk, soy milk and yogurt) are available at 7:00 am.

        Accommodations are co-ed, dorm style cabins with bunk beds (first come, first served), or bring a tent for camping. Room provided for women only in one of the cabins.